Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I am irritated beyond belief after spending the morning running around looking for a replacement jar for our blender. The old one had long been cracked but when we noticed a chip out of it, we thought maybe glass in the morning smoothies might well counteract the health benefits of fresh fruits and veggies. Clearly it was time for a replacement.

I bought the blender years ago and had already broken one jar which I easily replaced at our local Fred Meyer. That was three or four years ago. As of today none of the stores I tried (Fred's, Target, Kmart) sell replacement blender jars. I can order one online but it will cost nearly as much as a new blender with postage and take a week or two to arrive.

So here I am, pretty much forced to buy a new blender when the old one worked just fine. And I guess I'm just supposed to toss the old motor. I spoke with someone at each store and indicated my extreme displeasure with the scam they had going. By the third stop I was pretty wound up and the nice man at Kmart agreed that it was a very wasteful and stupid policy.

And then he pointed out the really good deal they had on their high end blender. Which I bought. And while it made quick work of the carrots, spinach, and fruits in the first smoothie, I still find myself wondering how in the world we can get away with such wasteful consumption.

Update--to make matters worse, new blender is a piece of cr*p which stopped working on the second use after the motor mechanism stopped turning due to a stripped out shaft. Unbeleivable. More for the landfill and I still don't have a functioning blender.


Anonymous said...


(Yes, very annoying -- and wasteful.)

Mimi said...

We went through the same thing with a bread machine pan earlier this year.

Betsy said...

What blender are you looking for a replacement for? I have a kitchenaid blender where the base seized up, but I still have the top part that's in perfect condition. I know I could have bought another one, but was so annoyed I couldn't bring myself to do it. I'd gladly give you this if you're looking for a kitchenaid top.

beth h said...


Next time you need a part for something, call me.
I know where to scavenge for free or cheap replacement bits, online AND in town.

Ask my Sweetie. I'm The Girl Who Can Get It For You.
I'll start looking this weekend.

Hugs --B