Monday, April 28, 2008

Constructive Avoidance Tactics

It's been fairly quiet around here. The Great Bar Mitzvah Invitation Saga has kept me quite busy what with shopping for paper, trips to the printer, repeated design attempts, and of course keeping MonkeyBoy's nose to the grindstone. He was the one who decided he would hand color all his invitations so he's on a strict 10-a-day schedule. The stoners nice folks at Kinko’s have made things more complicated and time consuming than necessary but I did not bite anyone's head off when told of the latest delay. I am trying really hard not to give in to the panic that rears its head when I start thinking about what it will take to pull off a bar mitzvah in six weeks.

Maybe that's why I've been drawn to my spinning wheel lately. I have quite a few hand dyed rovings to get me through this spinning frenzy and I predict quite a few skeins of yarn coming off the wheel in the next few weeks. Currently I'm about halfway through 4 ounces of something gorgeous from Dicentra Designs.

I love spinning fiber like this as it's such a thrill to watch the colors change. I have no idea what this yarn will become but right now I'm just happy making it.

Next up, a sewing project. The Princess needs some light, summery pants and while choosing fabric I also found the most delightful bee ribbon. Hopefully I can make the fabulous bee-trimmed linen pants that are in my head a reality. Sewing never seems to work out that way for me, but I can always hope.

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Anonymous said...

Stunning! I'm anxious to see what you choose to knit with it. I'm still hopeful I'll learn to drop spin before too long.