Sunday, April 20, 2008

Public Debut

Yes, I am a crazy person. Elisheva commented that she was surprised I had time to take an all-day train trip three days before the first seder. I didn't, not really, but off we went anyway with a promise from the kids that they would work like Israelite slaves to help me get ready for Passover. And they mostly did. I did mention to my grandmother that I have been more prepared for seders than I was last night, but things came together and we managed the streamlined seder that my older relatives favor. I felt a bit let down after all my work, but I should know to think of this as an intergenerational gathering rather than to expect a spiritually significant ritual.

After all the racing to get ready for last night's seder, and knowing that we'd be spending the second seder with good friends, today stretched before me with virtually nothing to do. I decided to make good on my promise to The Spouse to have The Monster finished for him to wear at Passover. Technically I'd "finished" it two weeks ago. But after carefully following the pattern directions, the button band was a warped, distorted mess. I figured today was as good an opportunity as any to re-knit the button band and finish the thing once and for all. I knitted like a madwoman and sewed the last button on only minutes before we were due to leave. The Monster was finally ready for its public debut at tonight's seder where I couldn't help but smile every time I looked at my sweetie across the heavily laden table. It was a delightful evening made even better by knowing The Monster was done for good.

Passover is a festival of liberation and, while I realize its themes are far more weighty than my knitting struggles, I can't help but feel a sense of freedom at putting this particular project behind me. All the effort proved to be worth it once I saw the smile on its recipient's face.


Elizabeth said...

That is one awesome-looking sweater! Congrats on finishing it! I think there are definitely comparisons to be made of liberation.

ElizO said...

It turned out absolutely beautifully! You'd never know that gallons of blood, sweat, and tears went into it.

Mimi said...

It looks good!

Anonymous said...

Stunning.....the Spouse and the Monster :-)! The buttons were the perfect fit. Congratulations on liberating yourself from the sweater.


beth h said...

Handsome Monster.
(Handsome fella too.)

Tikkunknitter said...

Really, Melissa, it's very lovely. The cables are especially beautiful, and the color fresh as can be. The model looks very, very happy!