Saturday, April 05, 2008

Getting out the dancing shoes

For anyone in Portland looking for some wonderful live music, our beloved Fishtank Ensemble is in town and playing with 3 Leg Torso tomorrow night at The Kennedy School. I've heard both bands play before. Both are great but it's Fishtank that's played in constant rotation here at our house. They are way too eclectic for me to describe accurately but here's what their website has to say:

This lively and unusual group consists of extremely talented musicians mastering their respective instruments: violin, saw, accordion, shamisen, flamenco guitar, contrabass, percussion and voice. Romanian folk music forms the bulk of the material with a healthy helping of flamenco, Swedish folk music, klezmer, Gypsy jazz, other folk sources as well as original songs.

We took the kids to see them a while ago and everyone had a great time. We’re looking forward to more of the same tomorrow night.


RedMolly said...

I think we might go. Want to meet up?

Elizabeth said...

Paul and I have heard 3 Leg Torso and they were a lot of fun! I'd consider going, but...we just got back from CA last night....and Paul is sick....I'll have to try for next time.