Sunday, February 18, 2007

Weekend Roundup

While we did manage to work through an impressive mountain of laundry this weekend, it wasn't all drudgery. Saturday was sunny and delightfully warm, the false spring that so often graces Portland in February. I did not go into a frenzy of pruning or planting as I so often do at the first spot of sun. The yard is as unkempt as ever. We keep talking about pulling down the sunflower skeletons but, ugly as they are, I like to leave them for the birds. Just today there was a cloud of bushtits making a meal on wintered over flower heads, so my garden laziness has its upside after all.

Due to the willingness of friends to allow us to hand of all 3 children simultaneously The Spouse and I managed a nice little lunch together and an afternoon of knitting at a bright and sunny cafe. Later we took the Princess for a few turns on the carousel while her brothers slept over with a friend. She feel asleep on the way home, so it seemed like a perfect opportunity to make Adults Only Stinky Cheese Pasta , a simple but intense dish that we both love. If it all sounds too good to be true, it was. The Princess ended up not going to sleep for the night but, in fact, taking a power nap. She popped up at 9 pm and was good for 3 more hours, which we spent watching a Bollywood extravaganza. I can't help myself-- I'm a fool for those goofy movies and my new Netflix membership is just making it worse!

Things fell apart, as they so often do, in the aisles of Target while buying underwear and socks for boys who are always losing one and outgrowing the other. No one enjoys these excursions, but they are occasionally necessary. Unfortunately the boys decided to make their displeasure known through all manner of screwing around which ended with someone getting hurt and everyone getting mad. We left rather ungraciously and grumbled most of the way home. The grumbling was paused, however, when I spotted a pair of bald eagles overhead which seemed rather marvelous in the middle of the city, just a few blocks from Interstate 205. I'm glad everyone was able to take note of that.

Dinner consisted of a mediocre vegetable-rich minestrone at the Dark Lord's request, accompanied by mediocre biscuits. If I'd started the soup earlier it would have been fine but it was a bit rushed and didn't have much character. But dessert was a perfect: Cherry Chocolate Bread Pudding with whipped cream.

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Elizabeth said...

We thought hard about what we want to do with our garden on Saturday, but did no actual work. It was sure nice enough that if I'd been ready with the materials to start a garden I would have! Rather, I sat outside and read Food Not Lawns. Great ideas in there! Oh, and we went on a bike ride, too. What a great day.