Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Talk, Round 2

What is at about kids in the front seat? I probably shouldn't do it, but I've started letting 11 yo MonkeyBoy sit in the front seat from time to time when we're driving around and, like his brother before him, that's when he gets chatty. Well, he's always chatty, but in the front seat his chat is often surprisingly serious.

Today while we were driving around we passed by one of Portland's many Fantasy Video locations and when MB asked me about it, it suddenly occurred to me that one might actually think it was a video store specializing in fantasy titles and not the adults-only kind of place it is. I guess it sounded like a pretty good idea to him but then I set him straight about my impression of what one would see there. Not that I've been. But I can imagine.

Not wanting to put a negative spin on things I made sure to sound positive about sex, how it's the greatest thing ever....with someone you love. We covered pregnancy, menstruation, birth control and more and I brought up the very real possibility that the time was coming when he wouldn't always be thinking with his brain so it was probably good to ask questions as they occur to him, assuring him I'd do my best to answer. I ended by assuring him that all I wanted was for him to find a person he'd be happy with one of these days.

Whew. I know I have to look calm and cool about it all but, honestly, I'm just ready for this.

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Elizabeth said...

Heh. We always pass by that awful Sugar Shack on the way to your house, but as much as I'd like to be upset about it, I can't help but laugh at how tacky it is! I've told my kids that it's a place for perverted men to go look at almost naked women, and if that's where they want to do it, then I suppose they deserve the place. ;-) I mean really, old mannequins in the window, dressed in negligees? Who is attracted to that? It's quite maudlin, in my opinion.

But the big sex talk(s)....Zac doesn't want to talk about it. I told Hibi when she was 4 years old all about sex, because she wanted to know. Not just eggs and sperm, but how does the sperm get *into* the mom? So I told her. When I was done, she said, "Mom, that's not the right way. Now tell me the right way."