Saturday, February 03, 2007

Indian Shabbat

I don't know what came over me yesterday. We had an early morning birthday celebration after which boys were delivered to a friend while The Princess was shuttled 17 miles away to her new music class after which we returned to pick up the boys and finally went home. I put nearly 50 miles on my van yesterday. Ouch. Luckily my electric company just informed me that my 2006 Blue Sky energy purchase kept enough carbon dioxide out of the air to equal at least 2 years of driving the trusty minivan so I felt somewhat better about the long drive.

Nonetheless I was pretty well wiped out by the time I got home. And yet, because I am nuts, when The Dark Lord suggested it was time for me to teach him how to make saag paneer I agreed. And then, because I am completely nuts, I went on to make a multicourse Indian style meal: saag paneer (spinach and homemade cheese), a made up dish I'm calling aloo mutter korma (peas and potatoes in a creamy coconut sauce), basmati rice, naan and tomato chutney. I actually whipped this meal out in about three hours, which I thought was pretty good since I made it all up from scratch. Happily I got a call in the middle of preparations and was able to invite a dear friend to join us for dinner. The potato and pea dish was OK--not as flavorful as I'd hoped and honestly, the naan was not so good either. Normally the kids hoover it down and we had leftovers which pretty much says it all. But slathered in sweet tomato chutney it was just fine. And the saag paneer was absolutely perfect. You'll find my recipe here. It's not a quick and easy dish but it's highly nutritious and, more importantly, absolutely delicious if I say so myself. Feel free to email me if you have any questions about the preparation. It's definitely worth the effort.


Gala said...

Holy cow, my friend. I haven't heard of half of these dishes.

Any chance you'd re-share with me your carmelized onion/egg salad recipe again? Or am I getting two dishes mixed up?

Remember when we sat on your back porch and had our lovely lunch with the children? That's a favorite memory of mine and I'm trying to recall the menu.


Melisa said...

I believe that along with the egg salad we had tuna salad and challah rolls and fruit. The egg salad is so simple. You just take 2 or 3 good sized onions and cook them long and slow in a blend of butter and olive oil until they're deeply colored and fragrant. Mix them in with 4 or 5 hard cooked eggs, enough mayonnaise to make you happy, salt to taste and lots of freshly ground black pepper. That's all there is to it but I am delighted that the meal remains happily in your memory. It was a good day :-)