Saturday, February 24, 2007

Major Adolescent Hysteria!

And it's not the boys for once, it's me. I'm gonna be just a little wound up for the next 3 months.

I found out yesterday that Manu Chao is going to be at the Sasquatch Music Festival with his wonderful band Radio Bemba Sound System over Memorial Day weekend. He is the only musician I'd even consider traveling to see but I am so crazy for his music that I will go to Central Washington if that's what it takes.

He hadn't toured the US in years and was finally as close as Berkeley last summer but we had neither the money to fly nor the time to drive. So now we'll be going to the middle of Washington state deal with this whole crazy festival thing which it sounds absolutely ridiculous for a pair of self-respecting parents in their 40's but we are not missing Manu again. My wonderful parents and some other lucky friends will be taking the kids and The Spouse and I get to have a ridiculous, juvenile, crazy road trip weekend.

Maybe one of these days I'll act like a grownup...but not just yet!

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