Sunday, January 07, 2007


So I feel like I've had a cold for at least 2 weeks. In the old days, pre-Graves', I'd run to New Seasons and stock up on immune stimulating products and kill those bugs dead in their tracks. But the doctor says I'm to avoid such things for now. She did give me the OK for The Tonic, as we refer to it around here. It only occurred to me yesterday to brew up a new batch of this stuff which, alas, takes 3-4 weeks to reach full potency. It's a powerful mixture of onion, garlic, horseradish, cayenne, turmeric, and vinegar, sweetened with honey. Did I mention that it's powerful? It kept some of us virtually bug-free for most of last winter which is saying a lot around here. I finally mixed up a new batch (it's only finding the fresh horseradish that's a tiny bit challenging) and it's merrily steeping away on my counter in all its screaming yellow glory. I won't say "enjoy" but maybe it will be useful.


beth h said...

Funny, Sweetie seems to have come down wth something as well.
Your stew sounds terrifying. It must work.
Feel better soon --B

Anonymous said...

How often do you take this tonmic?