Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A Finished Object!

...and not even the first since I started this blog but some others got away to their recipients before I could take photos. This is MonkeyBoy's long-awaited sweater made with gorgeous, hand dyed merino from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. I bought a 500 yard skein of their yarn at the 2005 Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival and made a slightly too-small sweater for the boy which he wore and loved despite its less than generous fit. This past fall I bought 2 huge skeins and made a much larger sweater with lots of leftover yarn. Enough to add length at the waist and cuffs as needed. The pattern was a simple top-down raglan, a pattern I highly recommend because it's easy to follow and simple to modify. Also--no seams--when it's done it's done. The best part is knowing it will be well worn and loved!


CrassyMadFool said...

dude thats one sweet punk rocker sweater with a sweet little punk-rocker boy wearin it, rock on, dude, ur one X-TREM knitter

CrassyMadFool said...

jonahs theme should be that thing from that song "I'm a punk rocker, yes i am" its so perfecto im gonna cry

beth h said...

Jonah is one lucky guy, getting amazing handmade sweaters and a mom who lets him dye his hair magenta.

susan said...

I love that sweater, especially the top down and ability to lengthen for growing boys. Looks great.