Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Stripy Goodness

Still snowed in here, but it's beginning to melt. I think the roads will be a nightmare after dark. Luckily school is closed for another night, which keeps hundreds of cars off roads which are bound to be slick and nasty. I realized that between illness, the holiday, and inclement weather I haven't left my house in over 5 days apart from a couple of snowy walks. No wonder my nerves are just a wee bit frayed.

I decided to work on a new project--I've long wanted to try a scrap yarn sweater so yesterday I assembled odd balls of yarn for a cardigan and cast on for a basic top down cardigan for The Princess. The yarns run the gamut from Lamb's Pride to my own Kool-Aid dying experiment with quite a few balls of unknown origin tossed into the mix. A very promising beginning but I dread weaving in all those ends down the road.I've had lots and lots of time to visit other blogs and I have found some real gems. My little efforts here in blogland are rather paltry compared to some of the wonders out there--watch the blogroll for new additions of you are interested. But the most serendipitous find du jour (given the project I just started) is The Random Stripe Generator. I am a fool for stripes so I had all kinds of fun with this. Take a look and have your own stripy fun.

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