Monday, January 08, 2007


Lynn told me there was some other official name which I've completely forgotten, but I finally figured out how to make a list of links which you'll find tidily arranged down on the right side of this very page. Some of these are friends' blogs/websites, and others receive regular visits from moi. Clearly there's a wide range of subjects but I will say that if you can't laugh at Dirty Sugar Cookies, you probably shouldn't hang out here.

Hopefully you'll find something to tide you over as you eagerly await my next post. Warning--the volume should be slowing down as today is Day 1 of Winter Term. I will need to actually tidy up, put on proper clothes and teach some English 4 nights a week which will likely be a bit of a shock to my system after 3 luxurious weeks of vacation.


Lynn said...

Blogroll! It's called a blogroll! And you know I'm acquainted with Ayun, yesh?

Lynn said...

...and also Liza from CK? Didn't I blow your mind with that once?

mrs d said...

Hi Melisa,

I just found your link via the new blog listings on Blogher, and I had to stop/read/bookmark because, well, not only Portland (I'm in Sellwood myself), but anyone who has both John Edwards and Ayun Halliday on her blogroll gets my attention. I did an email interview with Ayun for my blog -- back when she was doing the virtual Dirty Sugar Cookies tour, and we got to meet up in person after her visit here to Powells a few months back. She's supah cool.

cheers! --MizD

Melisa said...

Welcome MizD--it's great to have new readers. It's also nice to know that the Blogher thing works. Yeah, I guess it's an odd array of links but that's just me :-)