Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Red Scarf Project

The Oregonian ran a story in today's living section about The Red Scarf Project which aims to support former foster kids now in college. Because these young men and women are often lonely and without support once they leave the foster care system, The Orphan Foundation of America sends care packages as a way of showing that these folks are indeed cared about. They're hoping to include handmade red scarves in the 2500 care packages they'll be sending out for Valentine's Day. Something in the story touched me, so off I went to pick up some yarn. The current state of finances necessitated that the yarn come from Fabric Depot rather than a nice yarn shop, but the scarlet Lion brand chunky chenille is going to make something extra cozy. The best part? As I was paying for my yarn, I noticed the lady in line behind me also had two big skeins of red yarn. I asked if she, too, had read the story in the paper and it turns out that she was also knitting for The Red Scarf Project.

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Fran said...

Already bought my yarn and knitting a beautiful rich deep "Red" scarf. I bought my yarn at Craft Warehouse where they have put a side suggested yarns for the project.