Sunday, January 28, 2007

Cinnamon Rolls

I'm getting very few comments on my posts (except for Elizabeth --thanks, sweetie!) but I do know that lots of folks are out there, silently downloading recipes. Which pleases me immensely. So I'm trying to continue posting the good ones I use. I'm delighted to share, but I would love it if folks could drop me a line just to let me know if they're trying the recipes and how things turn out.

Another gorgeous day here in Portland. We took a brisk family walk, the high point of which was standing on a pedestrian overpass over I-205 with The Princess while she waved madly at the cars below yelling "duckling!" for no reason I could understand. The drivers in the cars below often waved back and honked, including the driver of a large semi whose horn made The Princess giggle with glee.

We returned home for an afternoon snack of cinnamon rolls. I've used many cinnamon roll recipes over the years but had long thought that I could tweak my regular challah recipe just slightly for a good result. I replaced oil with melted butter, water with milk, and upped the sweetening just slightly for a delicious dough. I use my bread machine but it's basically challah dough, the easiest yeast dough in the world as far as I'm concerned, so making it by hand (or heavy duty mixer) should yield similarly delicious results. The recipe is here. Enjoy!

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Elizabeth said...

Hey, no problem! ;-)

Oh, man....cinnamon rolls...downloading currently. (How would these do in the deep fryer, do you think? ;-)

Okay, I'm thinking this one through--"duckling"....honk....yep, that one makes sense to me.