Sunday, May 20, 2007

Weeked Getaway

I feel like the luckiest person in the world as I got to spend the weekend at the beach with a lovely group of women. There was great food, new music, lots of yarn, and much conversation. I took a long walk on the beach, soaked in the hot tub, visited a new yarn store, played with a new technique to share with the refugee knitters, and had a marvelous, relaxing time. I thought fondly of my family but wasn't gone long enough to actually miss them.

I think the most decadent part of the whole weekend was when I woke up early yesterday morning. I'd planned to take another brisk walk but it was raining steadily. So I closed the windows, snuggled back down in bed, and picked up my book for a long, luxurious read. The best part? I've read the book a number of times before so I know just how good it is! I can't think of the last time I got to lie around in bed in the morning and read . What pleasure! Of course, I owe it all to my dear sweet husband who was a single parent for two days so I could have fun. I am indeed lucky.


Anonymous said...

Im jealous! Sounds like you had a lot of R&R to yourself. I need to just getaway sometime soon too, I just dunno where to go! I love to just put my feet up on a patio and chow down on some good eats over looking the water. Sounds good huh??! For all you gourmet/travel enthusiast, Gourmet magazine is running a contest where you could instantly win a trip for 2 to a luxury resort for 2 days. Check it out and watch a clip from a top NY chef, answer 5 simple questions and find out if you're an instant winner. Its that simple. Just some inside scoop since I work with Gourmet.

shula said...

And does this favourite book of your have a name?