Thursday, May 10, 2007

Some Good, Some Bad

Oy, what a week. Work is crazy! We had to give the students a standardized test on the computer. Mind you, some of my students have touched a computer fewer than ten times. They are expected to deal with headphones and recording. The test is for 9-12th graders, never mind that most of mine read at a level of 3rd grade or below. But because of No Child Left Behind (one more reason I hate George Bush!), we must test our students or risk losing funding. The test gives us no useful information and, more importantly, leaves the students feeling incompetent, but rules are rules, no matter how stupid. Grrr......

We're still deep in curriculum revision and got a sudden offer of free textbooks from the school district. A nice offer, but I was up late reviewing the books to see if they were appropriate. This after I'd already been at work for 7 hours what with a long staff meeting before class. I'm tired.

My students have been so rowdy and noisy and they are driving me bonkers. I was so frustrated when I left class the other night that I actually cried one the way home. Cried. For the first time in 17 years I left class in tears. That's how difficult this group is.

Top all that with the notes being found on our campuses on a daily basis threatening Virginia Tech style violence and I am pretty much a wreck.

But there's been good this week as well. I've spent a few hours wallowing in Flickr goodness and being inspired to take up my camera more often, especially when people leave such nice comments for me. I love my comments, wherever they come!

And...we had a banner day yesterday at the refugee knitting circle. Lots of women showed up and we had a really great session. A few of the ladies even let me take and share their photos. Look at these faces! Are these women not beautiful? So much strength and grace. I do feel very lucky to have the opportunity to spend time with them each week.

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RedMolly said...

These photos are beautiful. I love the feminine strength and determination that comes through in these women's faces!

And I'm sorry you had a rotten teaching day. I know my mom has those (and golly, but they sure seem to occur more frequently with every new administrative dictate that comes down the pike). Hope you've had some good days since then to make up for it--when does your summer break start?