Monday, May 21, 2007

Finally....The Garden

Most years I am in a frenzy over the garden by this point. I'm not sure why, but the usual excitement hasn't yet struck this year. Maybe it's the ongoing turf battle with the cats. Our lovely raised beds look like giant litter boxes to them and we have to resort to all sorts of fortification to protect the plants:

I think this guy is the main culprit:

I wandered around the yard this morning looking at empty raised beds and forlorn pots just begging to be filled. Despite gray skies and the old Portland gardeners' adage to wait until Rose Festival to put tomatoes in, I packed up the kids and headed off to my favorite all purpose nursery. I had $10 off coupon from one of their mailings and used it toward the cart full of plants I picked out: 5 varieties of tomatoes, Ichiban eggplant, a lemon cucumber, Genovese Basil, Bright Lights chard and a whole bunch of cheery annuals for my pots as well as seeds for tiny carrots, lettuce, and arugula. Next I need to find starts for the crazy hot red mustard I love and one good zucchini start and I'll be set!

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shula said...

Have you tried chicken wire?

I vaguely remember something about using it as a cat deterrent.