Monday, May 07, 2007


I think it started with trying to take gorgeous, sexy food pictures for The Other Blog. I've done lots of research trying to improve my skills and find that Heidi's photos make me want to lick my laptop screen. But it's more than food. Suddenly I am paying attention to photography everywhere. I find that I love browsing the galleries on Flickr. I've just discovered Mosaic Monday at Poppalina and it's like a perfectly displayed box of eye candy. I can't get enough of all these wonderful photos and I find that I am beginning to see things differently. I'm starting to pine for a new camera (why, oh why, can't I ever just be content?) but, making do with what I've got, here are a favorite of my recent photos:


shula said...

Flickr made me pine so badly for a good camera that I hocked myself to the eyeballs and GOT ONE last week.

I'm so shocked that I still haven't really used it. Reeling, I am. In denial.

Welcome to Mosaic Monday.

shula said...

ps. Lovely looking kids.

beth h said...

You can do amazing things with a cheap, bad camera too. See my blog for examples of bad photography that's still decent.

And do you have a Flickr account and can I be invted to "friend" you?

Magpie Ima said...

You can click on the Flickr badge in the sidebar or just go here:

CookinsForMe said...

Aren't Heidi's photos the loveliest? I get hungry every time I read her words and see her photos!