Monday, October 08, 2007


So I mentioned Ravelry in my last post, yeah? After countless hours with my eyes glued to the screen you might want to think twice about joining. It's like crack for knitters. Beware.

I was so overwhelmed with yarn that I had to detox with a little bit of sewing. I made an apron for a friend's birthday. She makes her own birthday cakes so surely a new apron would come in handy:
I have this old Indian skirt I've been dragging around since high school because I'm so fond of the bright colors on black and the shisa mirror border. I love this thing, but the length has never been right. I don't know what possessed me but while I was digging through fabrics I came across a perfect print to add a three inch border at the hem. So now I have this weird, one of a kind, gaudy-folky-wonderful nearly thirty year old skirt to brighten the gray days of autumn.

I'm feeling the pull to get my basement sewing/craft area in order. When we moved into this house I was thrilled that I'd have my own little corner where I could leave things in progress. After years of doing everything in short bursts on the living room floor or the dining room table, this was a real luxury. But I am spoiled. I've come to avoid this part of the house because honestly I don't much like hanging out where there's no natural light. It's a bit of a mess these days, but I'm starting to feel like I might be able to whip things into shape and enjoy making things in my own space again.


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Wow! I never thought of adding a border to some of my old peasant skirts!

I like your blog's new look, and the yarn colors are heavenly!

Good luck with cleaning the basement. I can't seem to find the time to even vacuum the floor lately, though with the holidays gone, I suspect that I will run out of excuses soon. Happy Fall!

Magpie Ima said...

It's too bad when we run out of excuses, isn't it? My house is due for a major cleaning but I spent the day baking instead.

Thanks for the comments on my redecorating. It seems a little easier on the eyes now.

spinningmom said...

I gave up on cleaning and now just have to pay for Josi to do it. I'm with you, new to Raverly, however not having the high speed internet at home I travel down to my local coffee house for my "fix", they close at 8:00 pm! So there is a limit to my madness. Thanks for a look at your blog! Hope to run into you sometime...Trish (TanglewoodTrish on Raverly)

beth h said...

Dunno about Raverly. But Sweetie sure dug the apron. She'll be looking for excuses to wear it between now and her next birthday I'm sure. Maybe for Chanukah -- though oddly, she doesn't insist on making her own latkes...