Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fine Film

I love my Netflix subscription not only because it means I never have to see the DVD covers for another Saw movie again, but also for the recommendations that are flashed at me as I rate returned movies. I've ended up watching a number of movies I hadn't heard of based on whatever formula Netflix uses and they're often pretty good.

Last night I came home tired and overstimulated from work. For most people, that would indicate an early bedtime but nothing calms me down like an hour or two of knitting while watching a movie. One of the DVDs that had been sitting around for a while was C.R.A.Z.Y. --it looked good but I hadn't jumped to watch it right away. About 30 minutes into it last night, however, I realized that I was watching a truly fine film and I wanted to share this gem with any readers who may not have seen it.

I won't pretend that I can write a decent movie review because I simply can't. C.R.A.Z.Y. covers 20 years in the life of the Beaulieu family of Quebec. The parents are wonderfully well-developed complex characters who watch their five sons grow and struggle with life. The fourth son is the focus of the movie as he struggles with his sexual identity within the context of his family. As a mother of sons who are a bit different from stereotypical boys their age, this movie really touched me and I fell apart at the ending which brought up a loss that I know well. The movie is warm and funny in parts, and very difficult in others, making it well rounded and rich. The actors are terrific, the soundtrack adds so much, and the camera work and editing are surprising and skillful.

As for watching with the kids? I've always maintained that I'd much prefer having my kids see implied happy, healthy sex on film than violence, but they find any suggestion of sex hugely embarrassing and there's enough of that in this film that I wouldn't watch it with them. Also drug use, though it's not glorified. So no, not "a family movie" but a wonderful movie about a family nonetheless. I can't imagine any parent not being moved by this one.

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Ali said...

Thanks for the movie recommendation--we don't have Netflix but this one's even at the library!