Saturday, October 06, 2007

Blogger Housekeeping

I've been trying for 2 weeks to change the blog header and it's almost where I wanted it now, with many thanks to The Dark Lord who is almost as clever as he is sassy. But then I decided it was time for a total makeover, hence the new template and new colors. What I didn't expect was the sudden appearance of a button that lets me type in Hindi like so: अब्क्देफ्ग Sanjay, if you're out there, I'm sure you'll let me know if I've just typed a hideous curse that I need to delete immediately though I suspect it's just gobbledygook. Now if Blogger would let me type in Hebrew I might just manage a few words I actually know!

Speaking of Sanjay we had to say another goodbye today as he took his lovely family away to their new life in California. I'm going to miss them all terribly, as will my kids who are already talking about the spring break trip we've planned to visit them.

In an attempt to cheer myself up I spent the day working on this and looking at this. Great stuff, but not enough--a trip to the fabric store was in order. I swore off buying yarn, but I did need to get some flannel to make new winter nightgowns for The Princess. Unfortunately this store also sells yarn. My color-loving spouse spotted some lovely multicolored merino and began making noises about socks. After August's yarn bonanza, I swore I wouldn't buy any more yarn for a year but I've already broken my word. I can't be trusted. But I did it for love.
If new yarn weren't enough, my long months of waiting are over: I got my Ravelry invitation today. Oh my. I may never come up for air. Fiber-loving friends, I'm telling you: get on the list and join the party!


shula said...


If the spouse actually (!) supports the yarn buying, what on earth could be stopping you?

Elizabeth said...

That's weird. I looked at your blog while in SF, and on that computer, I saw the Hindi. Now, at home, it just came through as question marks. Is it the Mac?