Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Defying the Rain

We've had a few glorious autumn days lately with golden sunlight and deep saturated colors:
I 'd hoped maybe we'd still be lucky today for our homeschool group's scheduled walking tour. Sadly, Portland's famous rain was dripping from a leaden sky all morning. Nonetheless we bundled up and headed out. Our tour guide was full of fascinating information which helped me to better appreciate the city in which I've spent my entire life. We touched on art, history, architecture, and more. The kids were all very good natured with only adults complaining about the rain. The time flew and eventually the sun even peeped out. Given the weather I easily could have stayed home and listened to the kids squabble today, but I'm glad we ventured out with our friends for a day of tromping about in the rain. It was eye-opening in many ways.


beth h said...

I am amazed at your photographic talent. You have a great eye for this stuff. Bravo.

I was downtown yesterday afternoon running errands for the shop. Best part was towing a heavily-laden trailer back to the Burside Bridge, clad head-to-toe in rain wear and whistling happily in the downpour while pedestrians under umbrellas stared in wonder.

Happy rainy season!

RedMolly said...

Wow--gorgeous photos. What wonderful detail and color!

I'm hoping for a nice rainy day soon on which I'll have leisure to put on my new rain jacket and go for a hike... trial by fire, err, water, I guess.

Magpie Ima said...

Thanks for the comments on the photos. I think I am getting better. The camera definitely helps me see things differently and I am enjoying that. I highly recommend Peter's tours for kids and adults. We'll be arranging another one in the spring, probably his bridge tour.