Monday, May 19, 2008

Don't Forget to Vote

For those in Oregon, I just wanted to throw out a reminder to vote. Now.

It's too late for the mail, but you can drop your ballot at numerous sites throughout the state until 8 pm on Tuesday, May 20.

I kind of lost interest in the presidential race when my guy dropped out but I'd planned on writing him in on the primary ballot. However I gave up on that idea once Edwards endorsed Obama. I really hoped he would keep his mouth shut and keep working on the progressive issues no one else would touch. Politics as usual, I guess. Obama might get some white guy votes. I wonder what Edwards will get out of it.

At least I got to vote for this guy, a true progressive with a vision for our state that includes universal health care, affordable college for everyone, and a serious attitude towards global warming.

My boys asked me to take them to yesterday's Obama rally here in Portland. I probably should have but the combination of heat and crowds, not to mention my general lack of enthusiasm for Obama made me say "no". I don't think we were missed among 70,000+ people who did show up.

He's OK, I guess. I'll vote for him but I just can't seem to do so with the passion and starry-eyed awe that so many Obama supporters seem to exhibit. What am I not getting?

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beth h said...

Two responses:

1. Tallit: GORGEOUS work on the atarah there! Wow!

2. Obama and starry eyes: I admit that I don't have them, either, at least not so much. Of course, I'm a registered Other and Oregon insists on shutting out anyone who won't buy into one of the two Parties In Power, so whatever. I'll vote for the Big O in November and hold my nose simply because no one is radical enough for me. But yeah, there's lack of starry eyes in my head these days.