Monday, May 05, 2008

The Best Medicine

I spent the weekend trying to not feel as lousy as I've been feeling. My naturopath has me on a a staggering supplement regimen which required a complex grid to keep track of what and when. Downing pills took up much of my time and during the rest I was restless and cranky. I had every excuse in the world to lie around and read but no book held my interest. My current knitting projects were similarly unappealing. Food? Yuck. I'm a bad invalid.

But we've been graced with that most marvelous springtime gift here in Portland: brilliant sunshine. The Princess and I got to spend a couple of absolutely perfect hours in the park today, sprawled out under the newly leafed trees. We had the company of lovely friends, insane squirrels, a stately blue heron, and a very busy flicker. There's not much better than lying on new grass looking up at a jewel blue sky through the leaf lace.
By the time we had to pack up and leave I felt almost 100% restored.

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