Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I just don't get it.....

I guess there just aren't enough of us angry populists, or at least not enough of us with money anyway. I've never donated as much to a presidential candidate as I have to John Edwards and I only wish I'd had more to give. But the news today says he's stepping down. And I am so very disappointed.

I loved that instead of vague messages of hope and change, Mr. Edwards had good, solid plans. Plans to get out of Iraq, plans to provide every American with affordable health care and a high-quality education. And I was honored to be able to take my boys to hear him speak last spring. But he's been massively outspent and largely ignored by the media who can't get past the Black and Female labels. I don't care what they look like or whether they have boy parts or girl parts--I just want a smart, substantial progressive Democratic candidate. I'm disappointed that so many Democrats seem swayed by the rock star candidates who look to me to be more of the same in new packaging. Someone might be able to talk me in to voting for Obama (any takers? I'll see you in the comments!) but I can't see holding my nose tightly enough to vote for Hillary Clinton.


Catherine said...

I thought of you as soon as I turned on the radio (too early this morning) and heard the news. Sad and disappointing, for sure. I'm not the one to talk you into supporting the others as I'm not sure yet, myself. I fear I never will be but will be forced to vote (again) for the lesser of several evils.


Anonymous said...

I am too realistic -- or too cynical -- to seriously hope for even a merely decent candidate who is also well-funded enough to be viable in this hopelessly rigged system. The system is broken for all but those who benefit directly from it. And that ain't you and me.

I was, as ever, rooting for Kucinich. Of course, he and I are both *way* too radical for this country, and of course he wasn't going to make it past round one.

I still vote, but when my government doesn't take my vote seriously, then why should I?

Hold my nose? it's a good thing I can't smell.

Betsy said...

Yeah, I have friends urging me to vote for Hillary since she's a woman and all. I'm sorry - I want to vote for the best *person*. Gender is irrelevant.

Mimi said...

Somehow he got ignored, sadly. I really like him.

I'm caucusing for Obama, the more I hear from him the more I like him. And, sadly, the more I hear from Hillary, the less I like her.

Elizabeth said...

Well, I don't know that I have anything substantive to convince you to vote for Obama.....but you can't vote for Hillary, so who else are ya gonna vote for?

I've had a good feeling about Obama. That's all. He's just inspiring.