Monday, January 14, 2008

(Maybe) Getting my Groove Back

I might be getting my knitting groove back. Last week I made a quick pair of cabled fingerless gloves for a friend's birthday with no disasters to speak of. This is a quick, easy pattern that I've made numerous times. I always enjoy the making of these and they seem to be popular with their recipients. I finished a pair of Jaywalker socks started way back in June. I don't love the fit but, again, no disasters on my part although the skein of yarn came up short and I improvised with a solid green toe on one sock (and, yeah, it is hard to photograph socks on one's own feet). The too-small Andean style hat started for The Dark Lord will go to a much smaller child for her upcoming birthday. I love how it came out--the crochet trim and braided ties are quite jaunty and it won't be at all too small for her, so a happy ending there.
All this relative success gave me the strength to cast on yet again for The Green Cabled Monster which I will now make considerably larger with the understanding that the gauge specified in the pattern and the stated finished sizes have little connection to reality. It's so hard to know when to trust a pattern and when to rely one's instincts. And a tiny bit frustrating, too, after having to rip out many weeks worth of knitting.

Also, for those following the saga: an update on New Man--after listening to him blurt out every answer to every question for two days I realized that although he hadn't passed my final exam way back in June he'd clearly continued to study English and had learned a great deal in the intervening months. I gave him my basic level final on Wednesday night and he passed with 86% meaning New Man is now someone else's problem student. He's been moved up a level with full warning to his new teacher who is willing to try him out. I sincerely hope the additional challenge will keep him focused.


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

THe knitting looks great!

Maybe 'New Man' just needed a more advanced course? Let's hope that is the case and he becomes someone else's student rather than the other.

Clarissa said...

hey Melisa.

I have been eyeing those fingerless gloves, which I saw on some other site or blog or something. Wanting to make them for myself. so, my question is, will any yarn do? for example, yarn I have had success with in the past for mittens? will that likely work?

Big all day faculty meeting coming right up, and I think I might need a little project...

did you know, we moved to Maine? big changes... new job for me, etc etc.

I still need to send you the omelet recipe I promised AGES ago. and, I have been really lame about my blog(s). But, of late, playing with flickr, and I'll try to send you the link.

Magpie Ima said...

Clarissa! Great to hear from you! How is everyone? Write to me ( and tell more about the move, the job, and so on (and the recipe and the flickr link.

As for the gloves, well, I think any worsted weight yarn would work though you knit them on smaller needles than normal for that weight of yarn. It's a great project--quick and satisfying.

redmolly said...

The gloves you made were "bedorable," as Rhys would say. And congratulations on promoting your student; good for him for studying on his own time!

Mimi said...

I am in awe of people with a knitting groove!

Elizabeth said...

I *love* my new fingerless gloves! They are so pretty! I was just realizing today that I need to replace my other gloves in my jacket pocket so I'll remember them when I want them (like today on the MAX on the way to the library).