Sunday, January 13, 2008

A break from winter

The sun came out today and it was gorgeous! I don't think of myself as particularly weather sensitive but for the first time in weeks I hopped out of bed eager for a much needed walk. After my thyroid condition allowed me to shed 30 pounds with very little effort I've gotten rather blase about my weight but the fact is my thyroid has settled down considerably so I need to be a bit more proactive about both my weight and my health. But slogging through the rain just doesn't hold any appeal to me so today's brilliant sunshine was a joy. I did my usual route, a bit over 2 miles, and felt strong enough to run off and on for a few blocks.
Later we strolled through Laurelhurst Park along with lots of other eager sun-lovers. The colors were dazzling! Even with my slightly achy hips, something about the sunlight and the warmth made me feel very grateful for my creaky old body that's still going strong.


Elizabeth said...

Paul and I went for a walk in the beautiful sun, too, through Peninsula Park. So bright I had to shield my eyes. We're supposed to have more sun this week, too! Just not today.

redmolly said...

Our motley crew walked through Peninsula Park, too, soaking up sunshine and marveling at the legions of squirrels. And I discovered I have nowhere near the upper-body strength required to hoist myself up on the parallel bars. Another dream deferred...

Beautiful photos! Hooray for winter sun!