Thursday, January 24, 2008

Everything New is Old Again

First off, can I just say that I am tired. That's Tired with a capital T. Even though it was a short work week I am completely wrung out after 10 hours of "teacher class". That's how I explained it to my students when I arrived 20 minutes late after I raced across town at the conclusion of Day One. I am not a person who can sit for 5 hours straight, even if it the Next Big Research-Based Results-Oriented Thing in Education. Luckily the workshop leader didn't seem to mind my knitting. There was a lot of serious multicolor doodling going on as well. I'm a hard sell when it comes to people telling me they have The Answer, especially when I can't get a lot of feedback on customizing for my particular students in my unique program. And I don't trust anyone selling education, especially now in the fearful climate created by NCLB. But I got lots of good ideas and perhaps more importantly am now up to speed with the approach my fellow teachers decided to adopt last year so at least I know what they are talking about. Still. Ten hours over two days? Too much. I'm a wreck.

Meanwhile I have bad news. I know a few readers were rooting for New Man. So was I. But he's up to his usual nonsense in his new class. Worse, actually. His teacher gave him a final warning tonight but doesn't have high hopes that he'll suddenly pull himself together. I am really disappointed by this. I wanted to see New Man succeed in our program, I really, really did.


redmolly said...

"Research-based?" "Results-oriented?" Sounds like you need to tote along a Buzzword Bingo card next time!

Sorry to hear about New Man. It's so frustrating to invest yourself so heavily in another person and see that person just continue to derail himself. Maybe he can come back in a while after he's had a chance to think hard and pull himself together.

ElizO said...

That is a bummer about New Man. I'm a sucker for someone learning from their mistakes and doing better, but change is a slow and bumpy process. Who knows, maybe he's closer to being in a place that will help him succeed, even if he's not quite there yet.

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

When I was teaching, we used to keep a list of all the "next great things in education" and with the contributions of the older teachers, we noticed that it continuously recycles. And much of it gets in the way of good teaching, which is more about human judgements and modifications, than it is about quick-fixes and miracle cures.

I am disappointed about New Man, but I tend to agree with elizo. You may never know it, but your influence may have moved him along a bit.

shula said...

I think.

That New Man is Toast Man.