Sunday, August 05, 2007


An antidote to the sadness: I bought myself a sweet little bike yesterday.

I was an avid bike rider as a kid. I regularly rode my bike to high school and my bike was my only form of transportation in college. I was quite the road hazard in those days, pedaling off to class with a both a cup of coffee and a cigarette to manage.

I always loved that feeling of racing along but somehow I lost touch with my inner cyclist over the years. I was never willing to drag kids along in a trailer but now there are those tag along bikes and I think The Princess might be about ready for such a thing. I realized the other day that I could make about 90% of my commute to work without riding in traffic and that got me thinking that it really was time to get myself back on a bike. I've always felt guilty driving alone to work and I do think the time is coming when we'll all be forced out of our cars so I'd prefer to be prepared.

I was advised against buying used from strangers but I just couldn't help myself. Of course I should have brought Beth along to check it out before I handed over the cash, but she was a little busy this weekend and I am terribly impetuous. She is going to chew me out but surely she'll understand love at first sight. The bike is not new, but it seems to be in exceptional condition and everything works as it should. More importantly, the frame size feels just perfect.

I took an inaugural spin this morning to my favorite cafe. The trip was about 4 miles during which I was mostly on a dedicated bike path. I spent only a few minutes riding in traffic and it all felt quite safe and manageable. After a good visit with a friend, a bagel, some coffee and, yes, knitting, I was off again to buy a well fitting helmet and a proper lock. At that point I was tired and my legs were shaky so I wimped out and called The Spouse for a ride home, but I still managed over 6 miles on my first jaunt out on a bike in years. And, surprisingly, nothing hurts which I take as a very good sign. Clearly this sweet little bike and I were meant for each other.


Elizabeth said...


You spurred me on to get off my duff and ride to New Seasons instead of driving just now, to pick up a few things. It's really such a short ride, I should do it much more often!

Elizabeth said...

Oh--I was also going to say--you used to smoke? I had no idea. You just don't seem the type.

And I used to ride my bike all the time when I was a kid, too. Once my mom sent me with $950 to the bank to deposit it, on my bike. When I was 9 years old. I wouldn't send my 13 year old with that much money, much less a 9 year old!

Magpie Ima said...

Elizabeth said, "you used to smoke? I had no idea. You just don't seem the type."

And that was exactly why I quit. It finally dawned on me that I *wasn't* the type. And I wanted to get pregnant which I certainly wasn't going to do while smoking. I quit 15 years ago and don't miss it in the least. I absolutely despise the smell of cigarette smoke now. Yuck.

beth h said...

No scolding or hand-slapping. Congratulations.
Without a close-up shot I can't tell what you bought but it looks pretty good. Lots of potential. I can help you make it smoother and more comfortable. And we can even get those handlebars higher if you'd like. Just has to wait until the fall... = )
Hugs -B