Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Because last week's birthday festival wasn't enough (it never is when you're 5) The Princess wanted to know about plans for her Hebrew birthday. Operating from two calendars can be confusing, but it does offer up double birthday possibilities. The Princess (and MonkeyBoy as well) were born on the full moon which is the middle of the Hebrew month. She mentioned last night that maybe she could have ice cream for her Hebrew birthday but I suggested a more exciting surprise.

So, at around 2:30am I bundled her up and joined her brothers on the front lawn where we had a perfect view of the complete lunar eclipse. The night was clear, not too chilly, and our noisier neighbors were unaware of anything spectacular occurring outside so things were relatively peaceful. It was truly magical. and, while I'm still yawning this morning, I'm so glad I pried myself out of bed to see the eclipse with my children.


Elizabeth said...

Oh! You too! :-) I woke the kids at 1:45 and we watched it almost from the get-go. It was supposed to start at 1:52, but there was already just a bit of edge taken off. We sat out there for an hour, watching the whole thing! Neato!

No one else was out on our street, except for one young man walking on the street. I think he was surprised to see us sitting on our porch!

I'm also yawning, and at 9 am when you posted this, Hibi was still asleep. :-)

Anonymous said...

dearest melisa, the other mother of mine life, your pictures and ur mosaic mondays (plz excuse the spelling) are so beutiful, i look at them and i can see u taking thos epictures, i miss youa nd your family so much, but i hope this seperation will go faster then it seems it will
with much love and more love