Sunday, August 26, 2007

Mosaic Monday

Ummm...I'm not actually feeling this bright and cheery, but I do wish I were.

I'm a bit frazzled and worn down after having a houseful of kids for The Princess' birthday fiesta. I've been going nonstop and had a rather dramatic (and painful) reminder to slow down today. I was racing from parking lot to grocery store to pick up a couple of needed items while thinking to the week ahead: final exams, faculty meeting, grading, visiting Grandma, child care, and so on. I was so deep into next week's schedule that I suddenly found myself sprawled on the ground with total strangers surrounding me asking if I was OK. I picked myself up and discovered a dreadful throbbing in my knee which eventually allowed me to laze about at the party with ice on my leg while The Spouse took care of everything, dear man that he is. I feel silly, of course, and sore, but also freshly aware of my need to stay in the moment and be a bit more mindful as I move through my days.

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I actually kind of felt that one.