Thursday, August 23, 2007

Royal Birthday

It was pretty hard to swallow The Dark Lord turning 14 just last month, but today's milestone is at least as incredible--The Princess is now 5. It seems like only yesterday she was a tiny, beaming, bald-headed alien tot. I owe my learning to knit to her as it was clear this was a child who'd be needing lots and lots of hats for a very long time:
It took far longer than expected to conceive her but there was never any doubt in my mind that she would join our family and she was certainly worth the wait. Her birth (my first at home) was incredibly peaceful and lovely and I love that her brothers were able to share the experience with us.

She's always been sociable and outgoing and she continues to enjoy lots of people and experiences. She has a remarkable affinity for music and is developing a love of science. Her curiosity about the world grows daily. She's also incredibly thoughtful, compassionate and so very sure of herself, all of which are admirable qualities which I know will serve her well.
The week has been busy with daily trips to the hospital to sit with my grandmother, and I am phenomenally tired, but I didn't want the day to slip by without a moment to acknowledge how dear she is to me. Happy birthday, sweet girl!


shula said...

Pretty, too.

You guys are dedicated alien producers, aren't you?

C said...

Birthday hugs for a sweetheart of a girl....

shanamadele said...

Everything you said, it's all true!

Happy Birthday!

Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday, Princess! She already looks more grown up.