Tuesday, December 19, 2006

An Inconvenient Truth

We finally watched it last night. Wow. Just a little bit sobering. Yes, there were a few too many shots of Al Gore looking wistful, but there was clear and solid information. After bad news and more bad news, Gore suggests that we actually can change things with guidance and leadership which made the film more powerful than depressing in the end.

I confess to having given the issue of climate change very little attention. Yes, I recycle and we signed up for alternative power and so on, but really, I've not done much and need to work harder and do more. Demanding that Congress take real action to solve the climate crisis seems like a good start.


Lynn said...

Wake up! The Big Dark is coming! Kiss that dishwasher goodbye! ;)

Gala said...

Girly and I saw him *for REAL* at the PDX Convention Center last year. He's quite dynamic and engaging to watch. It was wonderful to be up close and personal to such a thoughtful statesman. After our recent move, we went to see the flick and while it was the same presentation + a Gore biography rolled into one, it wasn't as awesome as seeing the man standing 25' away. *sigh*

It's a memory I'll always cherish.