Wednesday, December 27, 2006


My grandmother has started a wonderful, generous tradition of buying her great-grandchildren theater tickets for Chanukah which has allowed us to see a number of wonderful productions. Tonight we saw this year's gift: Biglittlethings put on by the fabulous Imago Theater.

From their own website: Defying classification, (Imago has) populated the stage with characters and beings such as comedic amphibians, acrobatic larvae, circus boulders, and metamorphosing humans in works which tantalize the senses, the intellect, and the passions. From adaptations of classics to excursions into vaudevillian existentialism, Imago's repertoire is as vast as the forms they shape. With commissions for stage, film, and television, Imago blurs the lines of the expected to break new ground, exploding performance boundaries yet maintaining humor and humanity.

We've seen this show twice now, as well as their wonderful Frogz a few times, both the school performance and the full length production. They really are hard to describe, but both shows are marvelous, engaging,and magical for all ages. I think the genius lies in the actors' ability to convey emotion through body language alone, without any dialogue, and while wearing marvelous (but static) masks. The costumes are brilliant and the music is fantastic. For anyone in Portland, or visiting (especially YOU Andy) you really need to get to one of these shows as they are truly phenomenal. Oh and....THANKS, Grandma!

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