Sunday, December 31, 2006

Goodbye 2006

I can't say I am entirely sorry to see this year go. It's been rough with growing kids, health problems, and some big ticket, high stress changes in our family life.

Preparing for The Dark Lord's bar mitzvah was huge, of course, but so was adjusting to the boys' enrollment in a virtual charter school. A falling out with a longtime friend is still hurting like crazy. I began to develop health problems in the spring and was diagnosed with Graves' Disease in July. Happily, my naturopathic treatment is effective without side effects. My hair is even growing back!

On the parenting front, we keep wondering if we've made some huge mistakes as we often don't like what we're seeing in our growing boys. It's hard to know if we are being too critical or if we really did do something gravely wrong early on. The Princess, poor thing, will be subject to different expectations in the areas of courtesy, work ethic, and computer use. There's always that issue of faith in child raising ---we just have to believe, despite the often abundant evidence to the contrary, that they're gonna turn out OK.

Some of the high points of 2006:
  • The Bar Mitzvah of my oldest child
  • The first adult-only getaway weekend since The Spouse and I became parents in 1993
  • Having two dear friends move out of life-threatening health situations and come home
  • A couple of wonderful family-friendly concerts that we all enjoyed immensely (Fishtank Ensemble and Amadou & Mariam)
  • A family weekend at Rockaway with good friends
  • MonkeyBoy's role as a Munchkin in The Wizard of Oz
  • Both boys' performances in Much Ado About Nothing
  • Receiving a lovely new spinning wheel--a gift from my very generous knitting pals
  • A home cooked Indian meal
  • Attending the second weddings of a couple of dear friends whose divorce was really hard for me. They both seem so much happier in their new relationships.
  • The Democratic victories on Election Day--may they bring positive change in this country
  • Re-connecting with a friend after a rough spot earlier this year.
  • Finding my voice and starting this blog
To the few regular readers I have, and to those just happening by, I wish you a very happy new year and all good things in 2007!

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