Tuesday, December 26, 2006

An American Jewish Christmas

We took part in that most classic of American Jewish rituals yesterday: going to the movies. The male part of the family saw Eragon. Those who'd read the book declared it awful and he who hadn't read the book also declared it awful.

The Princess and I saw Happy Feet which I confess I enjoyed far more than I'd expected to, wildly improbable plot notwithstanding. The music was great and Robin Williams was brilliant. The Little Argentine Adelie penguins cracked me up.

The customary follow up to Christmas Day movies is a Chinese meal but I just wasn't up for the chemical hangover. Is there a decent Chinese restaurant in Portland that serves vegetarian dishes that are MSG free? In a variation on the tradition, The Spouse and I walked to the neighborhood Vietnamese market which was doing a brisk business. We stocked up on the makings for a good Thai-style vegetable curry served it with some vegetarian spring rolls. Not bad at all.


Elizabeth said...

Hey, Melisa! I'm glad you sent a link to your blog. I'm somewhat obsessive about blogging, myself. :-)

"Is there a good Chinese restaurant in Portland...." is a question I'd like the answer to, as well. Unfortunately, we never even found a good one in San Francisco, so I'm not holding my breath.

*So* disappointing about Eragon. We'd feared as much. We haven't seen it yet. We had tickets to a free sneak preview the night before it came out but Lloyd had a power outage that night and they had to cancel.

See you tomorrow...

karrie said...

No idea about Chinese in Portland, but I love a good Jewish Christmas celebration myself. (we're atheist and baha'i, but same difference.)

Happy Blogging!

Melisa said...

Hi Karrie--you win the prize for first comment from someone I don't know. Welcome and thanks for dropping in.

Tony said...

"Is there a good Chinese restaurant in Portland...."

Give Ling Garden a try. Here are some reviews:

Happy New Year!