Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I can't believe how long this day has been already.

It didn't help that I was up early to take The Dark Lord to his monthly torture session with the orthodontist. On the way home we decided to pick up a huge box of pastries and drop them off at the Obama office. I admit it, I'm a loser. I can't make phone calls. But I can bring treats.

All afternoon it's been nonstop radio and internet, so anxious to start hearing some news. I've been trying to keep busy cooking for tonight's party and doing housework but I feel like I'm about to jump of my skin.

Shpilkes, indeed.

I need to go watch this again.

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Ali said...

For next time: there's a period of time when they need people to update voter info into the database so they're not wasting time canvassing and calling people who've already voted. I brought my laptop in a couple of times last week and worked on that. Much better than calling people! (But, treats are appreciated, too, I'm sure!)