Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Am I Dreaming?

Did we, the same people who allowed Bush to run wild for two terms, just elect a sane, thoughtful, competent person to the highest office in the land?

I guess I didn't believe it could happen this way anymore. I was expecting massive vote fraud, riots in the streets, and the deployment of the First Brigade.

Instead, we got this:
That and the satisfaction of knowing that the bastards who hijacked our country and ran it into the ground got their notice today to start packing. And that maybe the rest of the world will stop snickering at us for a while.

I've long had my doubts about Obama and had little use for the Hope Hype but what I saw in my sons' faces tonight, and what I heard I their words made me reevaluate my cynicism. They've grown up with gloom and doom, but maybe it won't be so bad. Maybe they won't get drafted. Maybe they can go to college. Maybe there will be something to work for after all.

My sincere thanks to all the volunteers that worked so tirelessly to make this happen.


Elizabeth said...

I still can hardly believe it!!!

Liz said...

If you are dreaming, we're all having the same dream (what would Jung make of that?). And if so, I for one don't plan to wake up. At least not for the next four years.