Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Days 5 and 6

We've been having so much fun the last few days!

Yesterday we started with a cooking project and a little computer embellishment. I love the new look Colleen gave my old laptop.

Later we headed to Fremont to see a Hindi movie at the Naz 8 cinema. Our entry to the theater was not smooth but eventually we made it in and I was able to eat samosas while watching the movie which was a bit of a thrill. Afterwards I had my first ever bhel puri at a nearby restaurant and loved it--a total explosion of flavor and textures that I'm ready to eat again. We even stopped in at an Indian video store where MonkeyBoy and I picked up a copy of our favorite goofy movie.

Today we packed everyone up and drove to San Francisco and spent a good long time wandering around Chinatown. We had a tasty lunch, explored a bit more then took off in rush hour traffic to visit ArtFibers, a lovely little shop up a flight of creaky stairs where the one-of-a-kind yarns cover every wall. I was very restrained and limited myself to 100 grams of gorgeous green silk. I could have stayed and petted yarn for hours but with 6 kids in tow, we kept it brief.

We'd hoped to have dinner in the Mission District at a highly recommended taqueria but the kids were starting to fade so we made one last stop at Tartine where Colleen miraculously found parking right in front of the shop. She emerged with our dinner to go: a delicious asparagus quiche and cream pies that surpassed anything I've ever eaten. Wow. And apparently there are breakfast treats for tomorrow, our last day in California.


ElizO said...

Sounds like so much fun. It's been great to follow you along on your trip! Have a safe drive home.

Tammy said...

How funny to see you posting from sunny CA. We were there in SJ on Tuesday and Wednesday, heading north for home. Isn't the sun and warmth wonderful?! There is/has been some snow back here at home even since we got home last night(Thursday). :) Have a safe trip home!