Thursday, March 20, 2008

Almost Outta Here......

What a whirlwind this week has been! I managed to do almost everything: we've all got clean clothes, the mighty minivan's been serviced, I've filled ziplock bags of trail mix, found and filled water bottles, purchased fresh batteries, and printed out pages and pages of activities to keep The Princess busy. I got all my final exams graded, paperwork turned in, and certificates handed out. I've got a bag full of knitting projects, library books, and binoculars for our visit to the wildlife refuge. What I didn't get around to, and now I'm feeling quite remorseful, is doing anything for Purim. Not only did I not make it to the synagogue for the service tonight (since I was at our end-of-term ceremony) I didn't even bake hamantashen for my family. I am a bad, bad Jew.

The plan is to pick up MonkeyBoy from his Hebrew lesson at 10:15 tomorrow morning and hit the road. We'll drive to Redding and stay in luxury at the Super 8 (hopefully free of tweakers) followed by some bird watching here Saturday morning. The it's on to San Jose to stay with very dear friends for as long as they'll have us.

I'm praying that my van runs without incident, my kids don't squabble too much, I can handle Bay Area traffic, and that I don't miss my my sweetie too much. Unfortunately The Spouse has to stay home and work next week. The schleptop is coming along with us so hopefully there will be lovely photos and fascinating interludes to share.


Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful time and drive safely!

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Have a great Spring Break trip!