Saturday, March 22, 2008

Day Two

I confess to being slightly horrified at climbing into the driver's seat once again this morning but there really weren't many other options. The sky was a brilliant blue as the kids and I headed south into the Sacramento Valley. We made a stop at the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge clearly not at the best time of year for birdwatching. The majority of the migratory birds had left but there was still plenty to see including rabbits, lizards, and lots and lots of egrets. I've always considered egrets to be lucky and I think we saw enough of them to ensure a safe journey.

Further south we Oregonians thrilled to the magic of palm trees and orange groves. The Dark Lord took the photos as I drove.

Our leisurely sightseeing came to an abrupt end when we left I-5 and veered off towards San Francisco. The traffic increased, the freeway lanes multiplied, and the road surface became unpleasantly rough. Things were a bit tense as we attempted to navigate the East Bay and when I was sure we were hopelessly lost suddenly all the highway numbers began to make sense and our exit magically appeared before us. We arrived safe and sound at our friends' lovely home in San Jose and have been making plans for the next few days while eating Soan Papdi, surely one of the tastiest things ever. I'm hooked!

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Anonymous said...

Navigating the East Bay is kind of a pain in the butt at the best of times... glad you survived it OK! Great photos by the Dark Lord, too.