Saturday, March 07, 2009

A Treat

Hello? Anyone out there? Probably not. Probably you're all reading regularly updated food blogs by fabulous writers. Blogs like Orangette, one of my very favorites. Molly Wizenberg's blog was the first food blog I read regularly and one of the strongest inspirations for starting a food blog of my own. I love the way she weaves food and loved ones together so seamlessly.

Her new book A Homemade Life was just published and I got an opportunity to hear her read last night at Powell's. What a treat! The chapter she read was all about her father but her details could have described my own father with a few tiny tweaks: basil for dill, ugly cat lamp for hideous wild boar statue. I loved listening to her explain how food pulled her away from academia and into a life where she could focus on her passion.

It occurred to me as I was listening that one thing I never hear about from the food bloggers I so enjoy reading is kids. Do any of you know who is writing about how they manage to satisfy a houseful of diverse appetites? If I only had myself (and other adults) to cook for and my own tastes to pursue, I can assure this blog would be a happening place full of fresh veggies, stinky cheeses, and wild experiments from all over the globe. When I started this blog I was trying to answer very simple questions about how to nourish myself and my family and how to keep appetites alive. Those questions are still with me and I hope to keep trying to find the answersand writing about it here.


Ali said...

I'm glad the reading inspired you! I thought about going when Powell's "twittered" it, but it seemed too much trouble since I wasn't familiar with her blog.

Erin said...

Good to see you on-line. Complicated eaters at home - baked potatoes with an arrangement of toppings, likewise with burritos, pasta, you name it. Sometime I just give up on feeding the kids anything interesting and make food for the man and me. Every now and againthe kids look over, jealous, and want to try my chard,white bean beet borscht. Go figure.