Monday, March 09, 2009

Right Now

Right now it's snowing like mad outside. I couldn't tell you why--it's mid March, all my shrubs are in bud, it feels like the whole world is holding its breath and waiting for spring when out of nowhere, winter returns, cold and wet, with giant sloppy flakes. In December this would thrill me but in March? Enough already!

It's not so bad. It's warm and quiet because the non-schooled kids are still in bed. I'm baking for Purim and my kitchen smells of orange and vanilla. I just opened another bag of my favorite coffee which I am enjoying in my favorite mug. Things could be worse.

My big orange cat just ran up the walk, covered in white. He flew in and immediately curled up in the chair in front of the fireplace. There's no fire burning but maybe I should light one. Our last fire of the season, perhaps? A fitting goodbye to winter.

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