Friday, February 27, 2009

My Tiniest Artist

The Princess recently got involved in an artist trading card swap for kids through the Wise Craft blog. She'll be sending out six of her lovely creations and hopefully getting the same number in return from kids as far away as Australia. I love the cards she made. Note the awesome sailboat noses on the portraits! And clearly she's got her mama's love of shiny things and collage.

And in other artist offspring news, it seems The Dark Lord has been asked to contribute something to regional show for high school artists later this year.


ElizO said...

These are so beautiful! Wow, so cool for Dark Lord!

beth h said...

How do I sign up to trade cards with Herself? I LOVE the green one in the upper middle ("see"). Really deep and beautiful.

Mimi said...

Great ATCs and Congratulations to your son as well!