Saturday, February 14, 2009


I had great plans to make a complex and spectacular meal for my one and only this Valentine's Day but we found out mid-week that that wouldn't be possible. I have his permission to tell the world that, due to some digestive issues, the doc put him on a 3 day cleansing regimen during which he's not allowed to consume anything other than fruits and vegetables. No protein, grains, dairy, sugar, oils, or seasonings apart from lemon juice. So that planned complex meal followed by homemade chocolate truffles went by the wayside when it became clear that he'd have other priorities this weekend.
Happily I came across a Valentine project that I felt would perfectly convey my loving sentiments this year, thanks to the folks at Sublime Stitching. I think I know my husband well enough to know what would make him laugh, but embroidered intestines are not your average Valentine's gift so I decided something a little less weird might be in order as well. A recent Soule Mama post led me to a dead-simple tutorial for making a simple journal using my own photo for the cover. I take a lot of photos but The Spouse is always complaining because I rarely print his favorites so this seemed a good project, using a 5x7 print of a photo I took when we were out and about on his birthday last spring. I chose not to use the recommended PVA glue after being informed that it was highly toxic and found Golden gel medium to be a good, strong, flexible substitute. I do wish I had a proper paper cutter, though, as the hardest part of this project was trimming the paper to size. I can see making lots more of these in time.

He can't eat chocolate right now, but my sweetie sure knows how to pick it. I was treated to variety of tasty chocolate treats as well as a beautiful hand drawn poppy card from the man I love. The dark choclate covered orange peel is heavenly and I can't wait to try the sea salt chocolate and the different varieties included it the Mini Pyramide des Tropiques. Also I learned that my sweet daughter slaved away for her father to earn some money to buy me the small flexible tripod I've had my eye on. What a kid! I was so touched by her thoughtfulness and am looking forward to sharper pictures.

I hope it's been a day full of loved ones and sweet surprises for all of you as well.


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Given the circumstances, I can see how the "I love your guts" fits in!

Happy Valentine's day, anyway!

ElizO said...

Hope the cleansing diet does the trick, and what a beautiful poppy drawing! You guys are so romantic.