Thursday, February 28, 2008


So I've mostly stopped paying attention to election news. Neither Obama or Clinton does much for me. And Ralph, couldn't you just sit this one out?

I have lots of people trying to assure me that I can vote for Obama and feel good about it but I'm not convinced. The video that was supposed to make me all teary with inspiration actually ticked me off in a big way. I get the Spanish--Hispanics are a huge voting bloc. Si, se puede--OK. But why not, I don't know, use Vietnamese, Russian, Korean or Chinese too ? Why the Hebrew (which I imagine the majority of American Jews wouldn't even catch) ? What was up with that? The whole thing was way too cheesy for me and caused my opinion of him to drop even further.

But I guess it worked for some Jews.

These were not an option when I was ordering yarmulkes for MonkeyBoy's bar mitzvah.
Thanks to DailyKos for the photo.

And yes, I realize neither of these come from the official Obama campaign. But still.


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Welcome back!

Cat fur? Well...I know I've got to vacuum some up here, but it's Shabbat, right?

Oybama, Oybama! The music video did nothing for me as well. I think it appeals to the younger generation, raised on platitudes and soundbytes.

Do I sound like a fogie? I guess I am becoming one.

ElizO said...

I'm having a really hard time deciding between Obama and Clinton also. I was no fan of Bill Clinton (NAFTA, refusal to sign the Kyoto agreement, Welfare "reform", etc.), and there were so many people who seemed to despise Hillary when Bill was president that it seems hard to imagine her getting elected.

On the other hand, health care is a big issue for me, and Hillary has been working on health care issues consistently for many years. I can't help but believe that the health care reform fiasco of the early 1990s showed her what she is up against, and I doubt that Obama really understands the issues and the players as deeply as she does.

Also, I have to admit, that the Obama hype makes me leery. I don't want to resist for the wrong reasons, but any time huge numbers of American are into someone with near fanatic fervor, I find it hard to dive in and go with the masses. Hmmm, maybe that's why none of the people I've voted for have ever been elected president!

Elizabeth said...

Obama yarmulkes=bar mitzvah party favors? Just a thought.