Thursday, February 28, 2008

I'm Back

My computer was out of commission for a few days while a very nice man took it apart and cleaned it, eliminating the overheated shut-downs which were happening more and more frequently. Apparently the problem could be traced to a rather large clump of cat hair which had accumulated inside. Luckily the cats aren't completely useless.

Meanwhile, the sun has been out all week and it feels an awful lot like spring. I'm starting to get that itch to trim and plant. I know how it works in Portland--there's always a late winter "spring" followed by weeks of dreary, cold rain so I won't run off to the nursery for seeds and starts just yet. But it sure is heavenly for now.


Mimi said...

Tee hee, that's a new one! Cats.

beth h said...

Let this be a reminder to you that it's time NOW to get your bike ready for spring. New tires, fenders (because it rains in August, too), maybe a rear rack. Email me.

Elizabeth said...

I could see your stress level melt away as you were lovin' on Cordelia last night. :-)