Thursday, February 07, 2008

My First Lockdown

Actually I wasn't even involved, except to notice a rather startling number of police cars in our neighborhood this morning. I didn't really give it another thought until I received the email message from The Dark Lord's high school in which I learned that the school had been under lockdown today while the Portland's Finest chased a criminal suspect through our neighborhood. The principal was pleased that all teachers and students followed the emergency plan as directed. I was pleased that no one was hurt.

When I informed MonkeyBoy of the drama he began laughing about the possibility of his brother going into "Ninja Superhero Mode" which would not have been part of the emergency plan at all.

When I questioned The Dark Lord about the incident this afternoon his response was "ummm...what?" which really is a pretty detailed answer given his adolescent tendency toward grunting in response to my questions. There will be sentences again someday, won't there?

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