Monday, June 04, 2007


Last month Cheri over at The Naked Sheep Knit Shop offered to put a piece in their monthly newsletter about the refugee knitters I've been working with. She kindly offered the shop as a drop off point for donated yarn and supplies. She called the other day to ask if I'd come by and pick up the donations so she could free up some space and I was stunned at how much yarn had been brought in. Naked Sheepsters, you are a generous bunch and I thank you for your donations! Thanks, Cheri, for collecting items for us. We'll be kept busy for quite some time.

I enjoyed sorting through things yesterday and was delighted to find a number of bags and boxes of yarn that was clearly purchased many years ago along with some fabulous vintage pattern books. My refugee knitters are a wash and wear bunch, so I am not sure that the baby mohair and astrakhan boucle will be suitable, but for the most part the donated yarn is just what we need and will be most welcome. Just in time, too, as we were beginning to run short of all but the most drab colors and these gals just aren't drawn to the browns and neutrals remaining in our storage closets.

As for that high maintenance, not-suitable-for beginners mohair boucle in sherbet colors, well, I know at least one pregnant mama who'd be happy with a baby blanket made of vintage yarn so I promise nothing will go to waste!

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Cheri said...

Let me know what wonderful things your ladies create! Happy Knitting!