Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Watch This Movie

Wetback: The Undocumented documentary--I came across this film because a Manu Chao song was used in the soundtrack. It's an amazing film about undocumented immigrants--what drives them to come here (poverty--big surprise) and the many dangers they face on the journey. Because I work with these kids I feel it my obligation to learn what I can about them, but anyone who's ever wondered why there are so many undocumented laborers in the US needs to see this movie. The movie presents very moving personal stories, but also some amazing facts, including that undocumented workers account for over $15 billion in contributions to the US economy,this being the difference between taxes paid and services used. The movie is skillfully made, the music is outstanding, and you will not regret having taken the time to search this one out.

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